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Direct Mail Campaigns by Industry

Postcards in Direct Mail Advertising use targeted mailing lists to reach the most strategic neighborhoods for your business. Auto Repair shops for example get most of their business from nearby homes while insurance companies might target neighborhoods that are more prone to specific damages.

This strategic planning is a part of our marketing package whether you are a Dentist, Auto Repair Mechanic, Insurance Company, Landscaping, or others. Call us at 1-855-379-MAIL to find out more.

Automotive Direct Mail is one of the most successful industries for targeted mailing campaigns. Advertising in local neighborhoods close to your shop will drive the most return on investment for your auto repair shop.

Another very successful industry for targeted mailing campaigns are dentists who will also target neighborhoods close to the business location. Neighborhoods can also be targeted by income brackets to hone in on your target market.

The highest potential return on investment requires an expert with the best mailing lists and targeted mailing strategies. If you offer landscaping services, then we can ensure that your campaign only reaches the mailboxes most likely to be in need of yard services.

Helping small to medium sized businesses increase brand awareness and revenue by using a consultative, turn-key approach in order to deliver compelling direct mail postcards, at industry leading prices, to the best potential customers for that business.

Wayne Brown
Managing Partner, POSTCARD MAILING